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The Origins of Pulque

All early civilizations had their own alcoholic drink. In India, it was sura, distilled from rice. In Greece, it was mead, a fermented drink made from honey and water. And, in Mexico, it was pulque, the fermented sap of the maguey (or agave) plant. Naturally, pulque is the one of interest to us. Pulque is still enjoyed today throughout the …


The Dawn Of Corn

Humans cultivated and developed corn as we know it today. It’s a plant that doesn’t exist naturally in the wild. It’s only survival is the plantation, cultivation and protection by humans. Corn was developed approximately 7000 years ago by people living in central Mexico. Its origins came from a wild grass called teosinte which looked did not look like our …

Authentic Mexican Mole: A Brief History

If you are looking to find authentic Mexican Mole – as well as the best Mexican food in Fort Worth – then we kindly encourage you to visit Benito’s Restaurant. The authentic Mexican (not Tex-Mex) menu includes several kinds of authentic Mexican mole, including Mole Poblano and Mole Verde. Benito’s also offers a wide variety of authentic Mexican appetizers, beers, …

4 Delicious Differences Between Authentic Mexican Food and Tex-Mex

Though Tex-Mex is delicious in its own right, there’s just something about authentic Mexican food which satisfies the soul. However, it can be difficult to determine which restaurants are serving up the real deal and which ones are taking their inspiration from common North American ingredients. It turns out that many of the Mexican dishes, which diners know and love, …

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Mexican Food by Region: Your Essential Guide

  Authentic Mexican food has not changed a whole lot over the years. For centuries, Mayans lived exclusively off the land, sustaining themselves primarily with fruits and vegetables, peppers, beans, corn and chocolate, as well as chicken, turkey and duck. They perfected the combinations of these ingredients to create a food culture unlike any other around the world. Unfortunately, in …

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The Flavors Of Mexico: What Makes Mexican Food So Unique?

  Mexican Food is a unique blend of Spanish and indigenous Mexican cuisines. It’s loaded with unique ingredients, making it unlike any other food you’ll find around the world.  In fact, traditional Mexican food has earned recognition by the UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage contribution to humanity.

Authentic Mexican Food In Fort Worth TX

Top 5 Dishes To Try At Benito’s Authentic Mexican Food

If you’re in search of authentic Mexican food in Fort Worth, Benito’s is the place to go. Regardless of whether you’re hungry for a salad, a crunchy taco, or even a savory stew, we’ve got something to make your taste buds happy. Can’t decide what to order? Check out these five must-try dishes for some inspiration:

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Aztec Influences On Modern Mexican Cuisine

Modern Mexican cuisine has a long and rich history spanning thousands of years, but it was the ancient Aztecs who introduced many of the ingredients that we now think of as classically Mexican. Here at Benito’s Authentic Mexican Food, we’re extremely proud of our heritage. We make sure our menu is full of the most traditional Azteca Mexican food possible. Looking …