Real Authentic Mexican Food in Fort Worth, Texas


(served Monday thru Friday 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm)

Apperitivos y Botanas (Appetizers)

9.95 Ceviche Yucateco:

8.95 Queso Flameado

Fresh white cheese with chorizo

6.50 Guacamole

Fresh Guacamole served with corn tortillas

7.50 beef or sausage 9.50 Sopes

Cornmeal Patties with beans, lettuce, cheese and green sauce

4.25 Tostadas de Ceviche Yucateco

Cup 4.95 Bowl 6.95 Queso

small 6.50 large 10.50 Cocktel de Camaron Shrimp

Mexican style shrimp cocktail


With Monterey jack cheese, beans, sour cream and

small 8.25 large 10.25 Blackened Talapia

small 8.25 large 10.25 Beef or Chicken Fajita

With Monterey Jack cheese, beans, sour cream

small 6.75 large 8.25 Spiced Ground

With Monterey Jack cheese, beans, sour cream

small 6.25 large 7.25 Jalapeno Peppers


Tortilla triangles filled with

6.95 Cheese

Best Quesadilla in Fort Worth! Chicken or Beef, bring it on!

8.95 Beef or Chicken

8.25 Spinach or Sausage

9.25 Spinach With Chicken or Beef

Topped with Benito’s special sauce