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small 4.95 large 7.95 Frozen

small 4.95 large 7.95 On The Rocks

small 5.75 large 8.75 Cuervo On The Rocks

17.95 Pitcher Of Margaritas

20.95 Pitcher Of Cuervo Margaritas


5.25 Carta Blanca

5.25 Bohemia

5.25 Michelob Ultra

5.25 Sol

5.25 Modelo Special

5.25 Tecate

5.25 Corona

5.25 Negra Modelo

5.25 Dos Equis

5.25 Dos Equis: Special

4.00 Miller Light

4.95 O’Douls


small 4.50 large 4.95 Bud

small 4.75 large 5.25 Shiner Bock

small 4.00 large 4.95 Coors Light

13.95 Pitcher of Beer

14.95 Pitcher of Imported Beer


glass 5.25 bottle 17.95 Sangria

glass 5.25 bottle 17.95 Chardonnay

glass 5.25 bottle 17.95 White Zinfandel

glass 5.25 bottle 17.95 Cabernet Sauvignon


2.95 Sodas

2.95 Cafe / Te: Coffee / Tea

2.25 Jugos: Juices

small 2.25 large 2.95 Leche: Milk

How to Make a Great Margarita!

Have you ever been to a Mexican restaurant only to find out that their margaritas are sub-par? Finding a restaurant that does not use authentic Mexican recipes for their drinks can be a real downer. In fact, a sweet pre-made margarita can really be a deal breaker.

Fortunately, Benito’s is the best Mexican restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas, and can make a highly enjoyable margarita for you and your friends to savor. As an authentic Mexican restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas, we will go above and beyond to make sure that your margarita is delicious, refreshing and tasty.

So, what does it mean when when one of the best Mexican restaurants in Fort Worth Texas says it goes above and beyond when preparing your margarita?

Perfectly Ripe, Fresh Citrus

Authentic Mexican recipes are always based around good quality citrus. Without quality citrus, you really cannot make a good margarita. Typically speaking, the best Mexican restaurants use at least one or two limes per drink that they make. The best restaurants in Fort Worth, Texas, understand that real fruit just makes your drink taste hundreds of times better.

High Quality Tequila

One common mistake when making margaritas is to use a low quality tequila thinking that people will not be able to taste the difference. This is a huge mistake that should be avoided at all costs. Think about it, do you ever go out to eat and order a filet burnt and smothered in ketchup? I hope not.

Authentic Mexican recipes call for decent tequila for a good reason. They really give the drink a good flavor. This tiny step up in quality can make your drink go from “Blah” to “Awesome!”

Textured Kosher Salt

Any authentic Mexican restaurant Fort Worth, Texas, knows that high quality Kosher salt can really bring your drink together. If you are splurging for the best liquor and ingredients, then it is just silly to throw some table salt on the rim of your drink.

We understand that the texture and flavor of Kosher salt is an integral part of your margarita experience, and not just because the salty flavor goes extremely well with the tequila and citrus mix. Kosher salt adds a great deal to the texture and aesthetic appeal of your beverage, as well as being a complementary flavor.

Try a Margarita at the Best Mexican Restaurant in Ft. Worth!

Remember, a good margarita needs a good balance of ingredients. It may be tempting to go into other restaurants in Fort Worth, Texas, and order just any margarita. This may work great if your only goal is to get drunk, but the quality of your beverage is really going to suffer. A well portioned margarita has a perfect balance of flavors – a delicious combination of flavor that is achieved through careful attention to only the best ingredients and preparation. Wanting to try one of the best margaritas in Fort Worth? Come to Benito’s Mexican Restaurant and we’ll show you how good a REAL margarita can taste!