Top 5 Dishes To Try At Benito’s Authentic Mexican Food

If you’re in search of authentic Mexican food in Fort Worth, Benito’s is the place to go. Regardless of whether you’re hungry for a salad, a crunchy taco, or even a savory stew, we’ve got something to make your taste buds happy. Can’t decide what to order? Check out these five must-try dishes for some inspiration:

5 Delectable Authentic Mexican Food Dishes at Benito’s

1. Enchiladas Con Mole Rojo

Anyone who likes chicken enchiladas will love our Enchiladas Con Mole Rojo. These flavor-packed chicken enchiladas are topped with our house-made red mole sauce. This is the perfect dish to fill you up when you’re hungry. Plus, since it’s served with beans, tortilla soup, rice, and pico de gallo, you know you’re getting your money’s worth from this meal.

2. Tacos De Puerco en Salsa

Get a taste for authentic Mexican street food with the tacos de Puerco en salsa. Tender, flavorful pork is served up with cilantro and toppings. This dish sits alongside rice, beans, tortilla soup, and pico de gallo. These delicious tacos are ideal for anyone who loves pork and Mexican food in equal portion!

Fajitas de Camerones3. Fajitas de Camarones

Itching for some seafood? Check out the Fajitas Camarones. Fajitas made from large, juicy shrimp cooked until tender on our in-house grill, and then served with beans and charros. This dish is ideal for anyone who wants a flavor-packed meal for dinner or lunch.

4. Pescado Entero

One of the most impressive dishes we serve here at Benito’s, the pescado entero is a beautifully fried rainbow trout. This flavor-packed meal is topped with onions and tomatoes, and garnished with lemon wedges. To ensure you get enough to eat, this tasty dish also comes with our signature, house-made beans and rice!

5. Tostadas de Chorizo

A tostada is quite like the Mexican version of a savory dinner pancake. Crisped tortillas are topped with Mexican sausage, red sauce, green sauce, cheese, tomatoes and onions. This flavorful dish comes with a healthy portion of our rice and beans. Ideal for anyone who loves the savory, rich taste of chorizo, this meal makes a great dinner and an even better leftover.

Benito’s: Your Source for Forth Worth Mexican Food

When it comes to Mexican food, anything that’s not authentic is just plain disappointing. At Benito’s, we pride ourselves on authentic Mexican food, and we put in the time, effort, and attention needed to ensure that every dish you have with us is delicious, fresh, and flavorful.

You don’t have to go to Mexico to get delicious Mexican food – just stop by Benito’s. Our team takes pride in the quality of our food, and we’re always happy to provide you with an authentic south-of-the-border feel. So whether you’re looking for a light salad or a beautifully turned-out dish of trout, seafood, or pork, we’re here to deliver great quality and exceed your expectations.

Visit Benito’s today to discover the difference of authentic Fort Worth Mexican food!