So, where did the sombrero originate? And how did it come to be a staple in Mexico? Let’s dive into some sombrero history and find out!

Where it all began


Beginning with the name, sombrero comes from the Spanish word ‘sombra’, meaning shade and appeared as early as the 15th century. Pinning down the exact origin of the sombrero can be a little tricky.

It’s been said that they began in Spain and were later found, popping up in Mexico. Sombreros became popular in Mexico due to the hot climate and working conditions and ended up sticking around!


Types of Sombreros 


Thought there was only one type of sombrero? Well think again!

The traditional sombrero is the largest of them all and typically worn only by Mariachi bands or during celebrations. It’s lightweight, despite its size and are often made of straw.

Sombreros can come in handy for doing outdoor work, which is when you’d grab a quinciano sombrero. This type of sombrero is very light with a smaller brim and made of cheap material.

Like the sound of the quinciano sombrero but looking for something a little more durable? Then the diecinueve sombrero is for you! They usually have a more complicated weaving pattern, making it more distinctive.

Veintisiete sombreros take sombrero to a new level altogether! Made of a thick woven material that allows you to fold the hat in half, it’s understandable that this high-end sombrero takes roughly a month to be made from scratch!

A full sombrero is heavier and typical decorated with small objects and colourful felt.

Then of course, there are the modern day sombrero hats, often worn by women on the beach. Whatever the case may be, you can never go wrong with a sombrero!

Celebrating the sombrero

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