Kid-Friendly Mexican Dishes at Benito’s Mexican Restaurant

Have you introduced your kids to Mexican food?

If you haven’t, now is the time!

It’s always a good idea to introduce your kids to international food so they can appreciate the different flavors of different cultural cuisines. This being the first experience for your kids, you’ll want nothing but the best.  And that’s exactly what you get at Benito’s Mexican Restaurant.

Our authentic kid-friendly Mexican dishes are prepared with years of tradition and high-quality ingredients, and our restaurant has a kid-friendly environment to keep your little ones entertained.

Before you pay us a visit, find out what’s on our dinner menu for your little ones below.

Top 3 Kid-Friendly Dishes at Benito’s

Here are some of our top offerings that your kids will enjoy:

1. Chicken Fajitas

The beauty of Chicken Fajitas is the interactive nature of filling and wrapping them up. It’s an experience your kids will love, especially if they enjoy making their own food.

We serve our Fajitas with guacamole, which has an endless list of avocado health benefits. You can also order it with an enticing bowl of salsa, which we make using onions and raw tomatoes.  The mixture may include chili peppers to make things a little bit spicy.

Chicken fajitas are a good source of protein when taken in moderation. Other popular Fajitas servings include Fajitas De Res O De Pollo and Fajitas Camarones with grilled shrimp, frijoles, churros.

2. Beef Tacos

Benito’s Mexican Restaurant’s chefs are experts at making tasteful, balanced kid’s foods, and the beef taco is no exception. Our tacos are made with lean proteins, whole grains, and lots of vegetables. If you’re having trouble getting your kids to eat more vegetables, our beef taco is a fun way to do it.

We have delicious and not-too-spicy beef tacos on the kid’s menu, and they all come with rice and beans as part of the combo.

For a flavorful taste in each plate, we sauté ground beef with onions, peppers, and other taco spices. To complete the combo, we add a blend of rice, beans, and shredded lettuce. With these on their plate, your kids have all the ingredients they need to make their own tacos and enjoy the whole dining experience.

The beef taco can be served with a corn or flour tortilla. Corn is low on calories, and generally more filling compared to flour tortillas. The crisper the tortillas, the more the flavor.  

A great taco isn’t complete without the right toppings. At Benito’s Mexican Restaurant, there are several options for your kids to choose from. Our toppings consist of beef fillings and different types of vegetables, including lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, peppers, cheese, sour cream, and of course, guacamole.

For the adults, you can also order pork tacos, chicken tacos, and Mexican-style tacos.

3. Enchilada Con Carne

Enchilada con Carne is a great option for kids who love cheese, and Benito’s Mexican Restaurant’s Enchilada con Carne is all about that ooey-gooey cheese and flavored red chili. We cover our cheese enchiladas with flavorful red chili beef sauce and top them with fresh white onions.

The sauce is made with a range of ingredients, including dark chili powder, ground beef, cumin, and a tad of cornstarch to thicken the mixture.

An Authentic Mexican enchilada calls for corn tortillas, which is great for those who want a gluten-free treat. We soften the corn tortillas with warmed oil for extra pliability. This way, the tortillas don’t break, keeping all the delicious meat, cheese and sauce inside the enchilada.

Other tasty offering that adults, or extra hungry and adventurous kids, may also want to consider include: Spinach Enchiladas (with chicken and green mole), Enchiladas Suizas (with chicken, Suiza sauce and sour cream), Enchiladas con Mole Rojo (with chicken and red mole), and Enchiladas con Mole Verde (with chicken and green mole).

Benito’s – The Best Place for Kid-Friendly Mexican Dishes in Fort Worth

If you’ve been looking for a kid-friendly Mexican restaurant in Fort Worth, look no further than Benito’s Mexican Restaurant. We have been serving authentic Mexican food in Fort Worth for over 38 years now.

Not only do we have kid-friendly Mexican dishes, but also flavorful foods for the whole family. If you prefer to dine from the comfort of your home, we do takeout. You can also carry your hot, delicious Mexican dishes to one of the serene picnic spots near Benito’s.

And, if you happen to visit us between 3 pm and 6 pm, you get to enjoy $1 off all apps/drinks courtesy of our happy hour special. What are you waiting for? Pay us a visit today!