Traditional Mexican Table Decor


Mexican table decorations are characterized by their vibrancy, cultural significance, and the celebration of the country’s heritage. They create a warm and inviting atmosphere that complements the delicious flavors of their unique cuisine.


In this short guide, we’ll cover the most common Mexican table decorations to add color to your dining table. We’ll also include some contemporary Mexican table decoration ideas so you can create some flair for parties, fiestas, and other special occasions.


Traditional Decors


Traditional Mexican table decor often features vivid and bold colors such as reds, blues, yellows, and greens. You will also observe many intricate patterns in the set with a fusion of indigenous and Spanish influences.


Some of the most common elements of Mexican table decoration ideas include colorful papel picado (cut paper banners), traditional pottery, and ceramics. Other notable features you can add to your design are piñatas, hand-painted dishes, kitchenware, and flowers.



Mexican Serapes

Also known as the jorongo, a serape is a handwoven blanket-like shawl worn by men in Mexico. It is brightly colored and fringed at the end. Other than clothing articles, serapes are also used as beach blankets, tablecloths, picnic blankets, lounge suite covers, and bedspreads. They make excellent everyday Mexican decor as table runners. 


Table Centerpieces

Mexican Table Decor


There are plenty of Mexican table centerpieces you can choose from to serve as decorations and highlights of your decor:


  • Candles: Many Mexican tables feature colored candles, including traditional vaso veladora or glass candleholders. This authentic Mexican classic was traditionally used in Catholic churches, where they contained prayer candles. Another option is the traditional papel picado, colorful cut paper luminaries with elaborate stunning designs. Candles are often placed in votive holders or candelabras.
  • Flowers: Fresh flowers are considered staples in Mexican table decor. You can include marigolds, locally known as cempasúchil, often used for festive occasions like Dia de los Muertos. You can also use bouquets of vibrant, multicolored flowers, which are popular in the country.
  • Fruit and Vegetables: Other popular table adornments you can use as table centerpieces include bowls of fresh fruit and vegetables. They add color to your table and symbolize the country’s rich agricultural heritage.



Mexican glassware, especially hand-blown glass, is highly prized for its craftsmanship and vibrant colors. It’s commonly used for serving beverages like margaritas and agua frescas. Use a fine selection of glassware, or you can paint them in vibrant colors to work as Mexican table decorations at the center of your table.


Pottery and Folk Art


Mexican pottery and folk art are popular pieces on many tables. They can be made of clay figurines, wooden sculptures, and hand-painted tiles. You can use them as decorative elements on the table or as part of your main centerpiece.


Napkin Rings

Napkin Rings

Napkin rings are Mexican table decor that can bring out your inner artist. They are made from everyday materials you can find in the country like woven straw, beads, or clay, which add a unique touch to the table setting.


Pottery Vases

Pottery Vases

Ceramic vases filled with fresh or dried flowers make excellent centerpieces and contribute to the Mexican aesthetic.


Folk Art Figurines

Folk Art Figurines

Small figurines often grace many Mexican tables called alebrijes. These are brightly colored Mexican folk art that features fantastical creatures and mythical beasts. These table art figurines are usually made of clay or ceramic and feature local animals painted in bright colors. They can be placed around the table for a playful touch or used as the main centerpiece.


Flags and Banners

Every country features a certain patriotic vibe, and Mexicans can be quite nationalistic as well. If you’re celebrating special occasions like Independence Day (Dia de la Independencia), you may hang Mexican flags and other patriotic banners near the table. You can use tablecloths and other highlights to decorate the table or the surrounding areas near the dining table.


Contemporary Mexican Table Decoration Ideas


You can still embody the deep-rooted lively spirit of Mexico in your table decor while using contemporary designs and decor. Here are a few ideas to use:


  • Minimalist Centerpieces: Contemporary Mexican tables can feature minimalistic arrangements rather than elaborate centerpieces. This could include single-stem flowers in simple vases, or you can stick to small succulent plants placed in sleek modern containers.
  • Tableware: Modern-style tableware can incorporate Mexican-inspired patterns and designs, so you don’t have to buy a new table to get the local vibe. For example, you can add some geometric motifs in your table decor reminiscent of indigenous art, which can be seen on plates or napkins.
  • Cultural Artifacts: Add some Mexican cultural artifacts to your modern table settings. You can also incorporate some traditional art pieces, such as sculptures, paintings, or ceramics, adding a touch of Mexico to the colors and designs on your table.
  • Personalization: Personalized elements, like custom menu cards or small tokens for guests, can be added to your table stylized in contemporary Mexican art. These decorations add a sense of intimacy to the setting.


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