5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a Bang!

If you come from a Mexican culture, you’re probably already planning your own celebration for Cinco de Mayo, the historical day on the 5th of May that commemorates the defeat of French forces by the Mexican army, way back in the year 1862.

However, this event has become so popular around the world that everyone can join in all of the fun! If you can’t join the festivities in Puebla, Mexico where the battle actually happened, just come up with your own special celebration right in your own locality.

Commemorating the Military Victory of Cinco de Mayo in a Fun Way

Cinco de Mayo always brings to mind Mexican merriment. Think delicious burritos and refreshing margaritas, playing with maracas, doing the Mexican hat dance, and breaking piñatas.There are many ways to have great fun on this day.

How to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a Big Bang

Want to have an unforgettable and fun-filled Cinco de Mayo celebration? Here are 5 enjoyable ways to do it:

1. Throw a party.
There’s no need to go all-out or spend a fortune putting together your party. A simple get-together with family and friends can create a ton of fun memories, if you know how to do it right.

To put everyone in the mood, be sure to decorate the party venue with colorful banners, sombreros and Mexican flags. Play Latin music while dancing and trying out Mexican games. You can even ask the guests to come dressed in green, red, and white for some great photo opportunities.

Of course a great party is never complete without great food. Feel free to order Benito’s greatly raved about authentic Mexican dishes – chile rellenos, enchiladas, guacamole, pico de gallo, queso flamedo, and more!

2. Record a performance.
Ready to let loose and show off your silly side? Get the kids involved and record a Mexican song or dance. You can even have creative fun reenacting the Battle of Puebla and taking a video of it. Share your performance on social media to celebrate with friends located long distance, virtually bringing them in on the fun. Who knows? Your video may even go viral!

3. Create an artistic souvenir.
Design a Mexican costume or sombrero to wear for the day or for a party, or come up with arts and crafts activities for the family. Surely the kids will love it. You can educate them about history, while allowing them to practice squeezing out their creative juices.

Moreover, you can come up with souvenirs to use as party giveaways or tokens to give to your Mexican loved ones.

4. Enjoy a sumptuous feast.
Many agree that Mexican food is to die for! Cinco de Mayo is the perfect opportunity to take part in a sumptuous Mexican feast. Relax and enjoy our authentic Mexican food, which you can enjoy either in our restaurant or take-out to eat in the comfort of your own home.

Since 1981, Benito’s has been proudly serving an amazing array of delicious Mexican meals, snacks, and drinks. We are an award-winning restaurant with a chef who makes all of our food from scratch, and always ensures top-notch quality.

5. Play a Mexican game.
One of the famous games you can play that both adults and kids can partake in, is piñata-breaking.

The piñata does not need to be stuffed only with sweets. Be creative and fill it up with other goodies that can make everyone ‘ooh’ and ‘aah‘ or simply laugh out loud. Other Mexican games you can play during your get-together are the sombrero dance, a taco-eating contest, and Mexican kick ball.

Having Your Own Victorious Feast for Cinco de Mayo

No matter how you wish to celebrate this victory of Cinco de Mayo, a delectable feast can make it a lot more memorable and fun.

To show you how much we care and how important this day is for us as well, we are ever-ready to serve you in Fort Worth, TX with the delicious, authentic Mexican treats that Benito’s is known for!