Things To Know For Planning A Mexican Dinner Party

Mexican cuisine has a wide range of breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. Mexican food is liked by all especially people who prefer food with a hot taste. For people who love bold flavors and colors, throwing a Mexican dinner party could be a perfect way to celebrate summer, Cinco de Mayo or just a fun Friday night at home. Ingredients for Mexican entrees can be relatively inexpensive and easy to prepare, and the decor motifs are bright and casual. Planning and executing a personal fiesta from scratch is exciting and fun and not a very hard task.

If the guests are into Mexican Soap operas, asking them to dress as their favorite characters may be a bright idea. Discussing these soaps and their twists and turns could make for fun conversations. The lurid plots, blatant scene stealing and over-the-top melodrama can lend a few laughs to the dinner party and give those fish tacos more spectacle than imagined. Recording a few episodes and playing them at the party could be interesting too. TV and Film as we know are great conversation starters.

Decorating the dining room with brightly colored fabrics, paper flowers, woven baskets, sombreros, tooled leather accessories, serapes (capes) and even pinatas can give the meal a fiesta feel, even in the middle of winters. Most decoration shops have Mexican themed plates, cups and table clothes especially around Cinco de Mayo. It would be wise to stock up before the stores run out.

A serve-yourself buffet piled with recipes is a great idea. At the buffet, guests could assemble their tacos with whatever combination of toppings that suits their moods. Colorful pottery dishes add to the party atmosphere.

Aside from the standard beans, corn, meat, cheese, avocado and tomato would be good. They could be marinated for a little extra pop of flavor too. They could be cubed or shredded.

An assortment of chilies would be fun too. Some fresh and some roasted Chilies would give the guests some fun flavor combinations to experience.

If cooking is a hassle or the host is not good at it, hiring a catering company would be perfect. There are many Mexican Restaurants that provide catering for parties. A bit of research is all that is needed to find the restaurant that serves great Mexican food. Once a restaurant is finalized, the needs and preferences should be stated in a clear manner so they can deliver precisely and coherently.

Appropriate music, great food and colorful and bright decorations are components of a great Mexican Dinner party.