Mexican Christmas Traditions Worth Trying This Season

Believe it or not, Christmas is just around the corner again and it’s time to start planning (if you haven’t already)! While many of us probably associate Christmas with ham, fruitcake, and eggnog, there is a whole host of unique Christmas traditions many of us are missing out on. These include Mexican Christmas traditions, and they’re among the most ancient, colorful, and welcoming in the world. Whether your family is of Mexican descent, or you’re just interested in starting new family traditions holiday season, these Mexican Christmas traditions offer food, closeness, and warmth for everyone.

5 Mexican Christmas Traditions to Bring Into Your Household This year

A deeply food-centric culture, Mexico celebrates Christmas with a mixture of home-made dishes and close friends and family. Here are five Mexican Christmas traditions you can add to your household this year:

1. Tamales for dinner

In Texas, it’s common to see tamales served for Christmas dinner. Tamales are an ancient Mexican tradition brought to Texas by the many Hispanic and Mexican families in the region. Traditional Tamales are made by wrapping corn and meat in individual corn husks and then steaming over a fire. Traditionally, Mexicans serve these tasty little delicacies during the remembrance of Mary and Joseph’s trek to find shelter in the days preceding the birth of Jesus. The celebration is called Las Posadas.

2. Christmas punch to warm your bones

Christmas is a great time to enjoy a hot beverage after a long day outside. Rather than reaching for the traditional hot cocoa or tea, try a Mexican punch this holiday season. Made from raw sugar cane, seasonal fruits, and tejocotes (small, yellow fruit), this spicy and fragrant punch is served hot.

3. Christmas salted cod as a seasonal delicacy

Bacalao Navideno is a warm, filling stew that’s perfect for cold December nights.  It is a meal made of cod that’s been simmered for hours with onions, garlic, tomatoes, parsley, and raisins. Try serving it for Christmas Eve Dinner, it is sure to impress!

4. Cinnamon Bunuelos to satisfy your sweet tooth

When it comes to Mexican Christmas traditional desserts, things like sugar cookies and gingerbread typically rule the roost. Once you’ve tried a Bunuelo, however, your mind will probably change. Bunuelos are fried tortillas that are covered in sugar and cinnamon. Because they pair so well with cider or cafe con leche, they are Ideal as an after-dinner nightcap.

5. Pork leg in adobo sauce

While many people enjoy ham for Christmas dinner, pork leg in adobo sauce is a unique take on the traditional. Spiced with oregano, cumin, and orange, this is a mouthwatering Christmas meal that is common on Mexican tables. It has made its way into the U.S. as a result of its delicious and comforting appeal. What’s more, it goes perfectly with tamales!

Start a New Family Tradition This Year

Since family traditions are what we remember for a lifetime,  consider these five unique Mexican Christmas traditions to bring joy to your table this year. From warm, comforting tamales to spicy cider to sip around the fire, these five delicious traditions are worth trying.

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