Expats in San Miguel de Allende

As a popular holiday destination, Mexico attracts thousands of visitors each year from around the world. Well, before a certain pandemic that is. Generally, people flock to the hot-spot tourist destinations like Mexico City, Cancún, and Cabo San Lucas. But, let’s not forget, while these popular spots are beautiful, there are many secluded gems scattered throughout the country. These secluded gems tend to be preferred locations to retire in Mexico.

One such hidden gem is a charming town called San Miguel de Allende–just northwest of Mexico City. Nestled in the Colonial Highlands region, San Miguel de Allende offers a variety of attractions to both tourists and expats alike. Among other things, San Miguel de Allende boasts a mild climate, low cost of living, and welcoming locals. The town also places a strong emphasis on culture and arts, making it even more attractive for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

San Miguel de Allende’s colonial center is also a World Heritage site. In light of this, it is mandated that all original structures retain their historic and original appearance. Therefore, homes, churches, and businesses must strictly all retain the same look and feel. Another charming aspect of beautiful San Miguel? When walking through the town, you’ll discover narrow little roads and streets paved with cobblestones, adding to this spot’s charm and curb appeal.

Throughout this picturesque town, you’ll find a sea of painted houses in warm sunset shades. Lining the streets, most of the building’s roofs are covered in pretty-looking terracotta tiles. In fact, you may struggle to find a building that isn’t easy on the eye in San Miguel!

With so much beauty, and an intoxicating atmosphere, San Miguel de Allende understandably attracts a number of expats each year. They make up about 14 000 of the town’s 140,000 population. Plus, over the summer months, the population expands with Americans and Europeans looking to escape the winter weather.

Want To Retire In Mexico?

Looking to retire in Mexico? San Miguel also attracts many retirees looking to retire and spend their golden years somewhere warm and welcoming. Along with affordable living costs, the high quality and low-cost medical care available in San Miguel is another huge pull factor for older folks. San Miguel is full of great doctors and medical clinics that are easily accessible and located in town. Plus, there are large hospitals and a variety of specialists about a 45-minutes drive away in the city of Queretaro.

So, besides the great medical care and affordable living costs, what else tempts so many expats in Mexico and around the world to San Miguel? It first began when the GI Bill offered veterans a year of unemployment pay and sent eight million veterans to school. At San Miguel, war veterans were able to come and take art classes at the local institutes. This was thought to be the start of turning San Miguel into a must-see destination for those interested in various forms of the arts. Whether you’re an artist or simply appreciate art itself, San Miguel is the place to be. Today is no different, San Miguel’s established arts scene features a plethora of art galleries, live theater, live music performances, and foreign and independent film theaters. Plus, most of these establishments have frequent lectures and workshops for locals and visitors to enjoy all year round.

On top of a bustling art and culture scene, San Miguel is home to some wonderful restaurants and delis. With a mix of local Mexican fare, you can also enjoy globally-inspired cuisine including Italian, Greek, and Japanese, to name just a few. Plus, San Miguel has several local farmers’ markets that provide fresh produce and goods at affordable prices.

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