Artes de la Rosa: Preserving Culture for the Fort Worth Latino Community

Delicious Mexican food is a vital part of our local culture, but there are more ways to add cultural flavor than just cuisine.

The music we hear, the art and theater we see, and the dance partner’s hand we touch also make up our shared experience.

Artes de La Rosa is an invaluable organization that promotes the many facets of our Latino culture in the Fort Worth Mexican community.

A Touch of History and Awards Received

The restoration of the Rose Marine Theater brought about the formation of Artes de La Rosa in 1999. This theater originally opened in the 1920s and played Spanish language films.

The facility that seats 254 is now a venue for various cultural events and is accompanied by an art gallery and outdoor plaza that is perfect for receptions for the Fort Worth Latino community.

Artes de La Rosa has picked up 14 recognitions including several “Best of” awards as well as the prestigious Kennedy Center Award for its outstanding establishment of Latino-focused art promotion.

Things to See and Do in Fort Worth

Culture brings everyone together and Artes de La Rosa consistently provides programs to engage the community of Fort Worth. Events include music, art, poetry, or film — something for everyone!

Storytelling is an important part of culture, and filmmaking is an effective way of telling and preserving stories.

We can still see movies in the historic Rose Marine Theater, which was voted Best of Fort Worth in 2015. The Movies That Matter Latino Film series has been ongoing in 2018 screening films such as Craving Cuba, Clinica de Migrantes, as well as a presentation of the Youth Film Series.

This film series puts the spotlight on human rights issues, and the presentations are followed by a moderated discussion with our local social experts.

If you are an art lover, you’re in luck. The Galeria de la Rosa is open five days a week with an eclectic collection that showcases the culture of the Fort Worth Latino community. Frequent rotating exhibitions of art and photography go on throughout the year.

Music events also enhance the richness of the Fort Worth Latino Community. The Unplugged Concert Series will end the year with A Mariachi Christmas on December 15 and 16, 2018. Details are in the works, so consider subscribing to the mailing list to get updates about this special holiday show.

In the meantime, you can check out Palabrazos on the third Monday of every month. This event is all about poetry. Participants take turns at the mic sharing their thoughts before an audience.

Artes de La Rosa helps build our culture consistently with regular events that invite all kinds of creative expression into the fold. Joining together to share this experience is what community is all about, so consider attending one of these events and take part in the Fort Worth Latino Community.

Educational Programs in Support of the Youth

The best way to keep the culture alive for current and future generations of the Fort Worth Mexican community is to nurture and curate local talent.

Artes Academy is an award-winning education program whose graduates have gone on to become professional artists. It was established to develop artistic skill and appreciation for children between the ages of 9 and 18.

An annual Youth Awards Banquet is held to honor the achievements of the students and raise money for the school. These students have a chance to shine at their Summer Performance and Art Exhibition Show.

The 1440 Experience is a theater project for young budding performing artists and serves economically disadvantaged young people, giving them a chance to explore artistic expression in the theatrical sphere, free of charge.

Artes de la Rosa serves a very valuable purpose for keeping Mexican culture in Fort Worth thriving.

We are grateful for what the late Louis Zapata did to restore the Rose Marine Theater. Our community has made good use of his investment by using the space to make the Latino experience thrive.

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