Deconstructing Mexican History – The Alamo

Most of us have heard of the Alamo, but few truly understand the significance or context of this important historical location. A critical component of Mexican history, the Alamo remains an important landmark in history and culture to this day.

What Happened At the Alamo?

In 1835, Texas was fighting a war for independence from Mexico. In doing so, roughly 200 Texas soldiers took over an old mission near (The Alamo) what is now San Antonio.

The Mexican army caught word of the occupation. On February 23 of 1836, a group of thousands of Mexican soldiers began a siege aimed at reclaiming the fort.

The Mexican soldiers, captained by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, fought hard to reclaim the mission. The Texas soldiers held them off for a grueling 13 days before they were finally overthrown.

Why The Alamo is Significant in Mexican History

The Alamo represents Texas’ first great success in its war for independence. The Mexican army regained control of the Alamo from March to May of 1836. However, the army was eventually ordered to withdraw. The siege of the Alamo went down in history as one of the first significant events that led to America’s annexation of Texas.

In the years after the Alamo fell, the U.S. army stored supplies in the old mission. The property has been managed by the Daughters of the Republic of Texas since 1905.

Historical Alamo Sites to Visit Today

While The Alamo is a relatively small, 4.2-acre area, it offers plenty to explore. Here are some of the things visitors love the most about the space:

  • the alamo groundsThe shrine: The shrine is home to dozens of Alamo artifacts as well. It also features a memorial dedicated to all of the soldiers
    who lost their lives fighting for The Alamo over the years.
  • The gardens: The Alamo is surrounded by ancient trees that date back more than one hundred years. This gives the space a shaded, ethereal feel. Visitors can connect more deeply with what the soldiers who lived in and fought for The Alamo must have seen and experienced during their time there. It’s also a great place to rest, take a load off, and escape the hot summer sun.
  • The diorama: The diorama, located in The Alamo’s gift shop, displays the grounds of The Alamo as they existed when the battle took place. It is ideal for helping kids understand what the grounds looked like before they were surrounded by modern buildings. This is an attraction every member of the family will love.


Remember The Alamo

Remembering the Alamo carries unique meaning for different people. Regardless of your view, it is an important memorial site that commemorates the thousands of people who lost their lives during the battle for possession of the beautiful, white mission.

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