What’s Your Favorite Benito’s Bites?

Benito’s Mexican Restaurant in Fort Worth, TX, is well-known for its “comida casera” (homestyle cooking) – the type of food that separates itself as authentic Mexican cuisine over Tex-Mex foods. So for first-timers, it might be difficult to know what to get, or what to try next if this isn’t your first time visiting us! While you can’t go wrong with any food on our menu (especially our ‘comida corrida’ – our long-term specials), getting a recommendation or two never hurt!

See what some of our guests say about their favorite foods they’ve tried at Benito’s:


Our traditional Mexican food spans all the delicious classics you know well – our enchiladas are a fan favorite for a reason. But for those looking to expand their horizons, explore some of our more ethnic offerings:

Tamales Oaxaqueños – “An Incredible Meal”

If you’d like to try something different, try the tamal oaxaqueño, a gigantic shredded chicken tamale cooked in a banana leaf with rich, tasty mole sauce. I also enjoyed their house salsa, which was unlike any I’ve had – mild, just a little sweet, and an easy way to make a basket of chips disappear. Really good food here and excellent hospitality.

  • Chris J.

Have you tried our mole yet? Mole has a history almost as rich as the flavor – and we love using the delicious sauce on a variety of our entrées. You can read more about Mexican mole here.  Don’t forget to try our Chicken & Mole with rice dish:

Chicken & Mole – “The Best!”

Delicious!!!! The guacamole was the BEST I have ever had! I am a fan of Mole – the waiter and hostess recommended the Chicken Mole with rice, beans, & tortilla soup. This could have been the best Mexican meal I’ve eaten.

  • Autumn T.

Not only is our mole top-notch, but so are our prices – we offer affordable meas for both lunch and dinnertime. Our fresh-chopped pico de gallo continuously gets praise, as well!

Flautas – “Great Food!”

Great flautas! The mole verda makes the dish. Great pico also. Warning, it has serious kick! Also very reasonable prices. Most dishes under $10.00!

On top of being an authentic Mexican restaurant, we only use the freshest ingredients around. How else can we ensure our guests will enjoy their meal to the fullest? One of our dishes that best showcases our commitment to fresh food is our ceviche:

Ceviche – “Outstanding & Traditional!”

We had heard that Benito’s had been around “forever” but we had never eaten there. Well, it was worth the wait! I had the Ceviche – it was some of the best I’ve ever eaten. Huge portions of high-quality ingredients. Will be back for sure!

  • Nancy L.


Hungry yet? Visit Benito’s Mexican Restaurant today to find your new favorite Mexican dish or to indulge in your tried-and-true Benito’s bite you love so much!