The Art of Sangria

Wine-drinkers and foodies likely believe they have sampled the best sangria recipe at a party or a restaurant, but may not know much about the cocktail’s origins. This beverage truly is an art form to make, and has a variety of different

This article will briefly discuss the origins of Mexican sangria, and tell you exactly where to find the best sangria in Fort Worth.

What is Sangria?

Sangria is a drink or punch typically made from red wine and diced fruit. There are countless ways to make delicious sangria, with more modern takes including variations such as sangria blanca.

Sangria recipes vary greatly by region of origin, with sangria makers using whichever fruits were available in the reason to sweeten the punch. In fact, alcohol was in some respects safer than water in the middle ages, and European and Spanish sangria makers used a variety of spices and sweeteners while experimenting with recipes.

The two most common types of sangria are likely Mexican sangria and Spanish sangria. The differences between these two recipes will be discussed next.

Mexican Sangria versus Spanish Sangria

Many people aren’t aware of the differences between Mexican sangria and Spanish sangria, as many people have only sampled store-bought versions or maybe concocted a sangria recipe at home.

Sangria traces its origins to old-world Spain, where vineyards were very common. With wine being a primary export, Spanish wine-makers eventually added different seasonal fruits and spices to their wine blends. After some time, this deep red drink took on the name “sangria”, based on the Spanish word for blood.

Traditional Spanish sangria would taste quite sweet compared to the authentic Mexican version. The traditional Spanish style would include lots of added sugar, and an emphasis on the sweetest fruits available.

It would be common to see sweet fruits such as pineapple and tangerine included in traditional Spanish sangria, with a red wine such as rioja being the typical choice for a base.

Authentic Mexican sangria is a bold, robust take on traditional Spanish sangria. Mexican versions of sangria could include spicier elements such as cinnamon or cocoa, as well as orange liqueur such as Cointreau or triple sec.

Because the flavor of Mexican sangria is so pronounced, real Mexican sangria goes particularly well with most spicy Mexican dishes. Many spicy authentic Mexican dishes, such as Mole Poblano, can be found at Benito’s Restaurant.

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Here is one recipe for authentic Mexican sangria, if you don’t happen to be in the Fort Worth area:

Real Mexican Sangria

  • Two bottles of red wine – Spanish rioja is commonly suggested  
  • 2 cups of sweeter liquor or liqueur such as brandy  
  • Freshly-squeezed orange or pear juice – 1 cup or more
  • A medley of sliced fruit such as blood oranges, sweet pears, lemons, limes, and cherries
  • Crushed ice to taste
  • Club soda or seltzer water to taste
  • For authentic Mexican flair, you can also rim the glasses with brown or granulated sugar

While this Mexican sangria recipe is tasty and simple to make – simply combine all ingredients into a mixing bowl, add sliced fruit, and stir – it’s not quite the same as true authentic Mexican sangria.

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