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    Myth of the Tequila Worm

    You always hear the legend of the tequila worm that’s lurking at the bottom of the bottle; right? Nope… Its just that — a legend. You won’t find a worm at the bottom of a tequila bottle! Phew! Finding a worm means looking through the bottom of a cheap bottle of mezcal. So what’s the difference, you may ponder? Tequila …

    Mexican tequila

    Mexican Tequila – Is It All Created Equal?

    If you’ve ever walked into a Mexican restaurant and ordered a margarita, you’ve had an experience with Mexican tequila. Unless you looked into the various types and flavors of Mexican tequila available, however, you might not know how vastly different they really are. If you’ve ever assumed that all Mexican tequila is virtually the same, this article will help you …