4 New Years Eve Traditions in Mexico

Celebrate the New Year Auténtico Mexican Style!

This New Year’s Eve, instead watching the ball drop in Times Square while fumbling through the few lyrics of “Auld Lang Syne” that you actually know, why not try something new? Break away from routine this year and sneak a few of these New Years Eve traditions in Mexico into your festivities.

1. The Grapes of Good Fortune

Keep an eye on the clock and be sure to keep twelve grapes on hand for this Mexican New Years tradition. Watch the clock closely…aaand go! You have exactly one minute to eat every last one of those uvas. Choose your grapes wisely — if one of them happens to be sour, it can can ruin an entire month for you. But if you successfully consume all twelve grapes? That’s twelve months of prosperity and good fortune that’ll await you in the New Year.

2. Check Your Underpants

Before you leave your casa, peek into your pantalones and check out the color of your undies. One of the more popular Mexican New Years Traditions that isn’t taken lightly is the superstition surrounding the color of your underwear. If you want to fall passionately in love in the upcoming year, make sure your underwear is red. If you want to ensure peace and tranquility, reach for your white underwear. There is also symbolism around green underwear (wealth) and pink underwear (friendship), so make sure you choose wisely!

3. Plan for Adventure

According to Mexican New Years Traditions, if you fill your maleta up with the necessary clothes for the type of trip you want to take this year, then circle the block in the wee hours of New Years Day, you’ll be able to take that trip later in the year. If you feel a little goofy dragging a packed bag down Main Street in the middle of the night, some regions of Mexico allow you to stack an empty suitcase in your living room then walk a circle around it. Either way, it’s completely worth it if it gives you a chance to see the world next year, right?

4. Clean Out the Old

Grab your wash bucket and broom and tidy up your home until it sparkles. Now draw yourself a bath and get a good soaking, getting into all those nooks and crannies. Wait, wait! You’re not done yet. Just to make sure you’re fully adhering to the New Years Eve traditions in Mexico, give your car a good scrubbing and your pets needs a bath too. Now you’ve done everything you can to make sure this New Year will bring joy, laughter, good fortune, and blessings to yourself and your family.

If these Mexican traditions are a little much for you but you still want to to welcome the New Year in true Mexican style, come to Benito’s for authentic Mexican cuisine, margaritas, and cerveza on tap! Feliz Nuevo Año, amigos!