How to Make Authentic Mexican Rice – and When to Use It

One of the best reasons to go to an authentic Mexican restaurant is to get some good, reliable Mexican rice.

At most places, I will get a heaping pile of Mexican rice on the side, and it is always a challenge to finish it all (but it’s so good I always want to).

If you love Mexican food like we do, you are probably already familiar with this dish, but have you ever had the chance to make your own? This versatile Mexican rice recipe can be added to almost any meal, but we will highlight a few of our favorites for you here.

Learn How to Make Mexican Rice from Scratch

Start with some white rice in a non-stick sauté pan, and turn on your stove to a medium-high or high heat. Pour a little vegetable oil over the rice, watching as your rice starts to turn a golden hue. Make sure to keep stirring the rice as you cook it to avoid burning.

Set your stove’s heat to low, and then add hot water and tomato sauce. Stir those ingredients together gently, and then add chili powder, along with minced garlic and Caldo de Tomate. The Caldo de Tomate is not necessarily an ingredient you need if it is hard to find, but it does make the recipe taste more like a traditional recipe.

You can now increase the heat to medium-high again until the mixture comes to a boil. Reduce the heat to low once more and cover the sauté pan.

Allow the dish to simmer for 20 minutes – or till the water is absorbed.

Once the dish is finished, turn off the heat, and fluff your rice dish. Finally, let the covered rice sit for 5-10 minutes prior to serving the dish.

When is the Best Time to Serve Mexican Rice?

Most often, you will find this rice served as a side dish, accompanying an assortment of Mexican food. However, this flexible recipe can be used in a variety of ways.

Another way to use Mexican rice is to include it in dishes you might typically use another type of rice in. For example, if you would normally use a white or brown rice in your burrito, try adding Mexican rice. You will notice the burrito tastes a bit spicier because of the chili powder.

You could also try this rice recipe in a salad. Try mixing this rice in a bowl with some black beans, corn, diced onion, jalapeños, and some lime juice. Top the salad off with the strong flavors of cilantro leaves, minced garlic, and ground cumin. This salad might be just what you need to break up the monotony of your typical weekday lunches.

Looking for great Mexican Rice?

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