5 Mexican Breakfast Dishes For A Spicy Start

Benito’s doesn’t open up till 10 or 11am so if you can’t wait till then to eat some delicious Mexican cuisine don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are our top five Mexican breakfast recipes so you can satisfy your cravings for a spicy, hearty start to the day.

5 Mexican Breakfast Recipes

Bean, Egg, & Cheese Molletes

Molletes is an open-faced sandwich made with bolillos (savory bread) sliced in half and partially hollowed and topped with… well, anything you want if you’re the cocinero! But this recipe goes the traditional route with refried beans and cheese and uses eggs for a healthy, even more hearty addition. Lots of flavor gets piled onto this Mexican breakfast sandwich and that’s why it’s top of our list!

Migas: A One-Pot Classic

Migas is Spanish for crumbs and it’s a very fitting name for this Mexican breakfast dish that uses leftover corn tortilla bits. Pieces of soft tortillas are cut into strips or broken into pieces then fried with onions until extra crispy, at which point eggs are tossed in and scrambled. It’s a hearty, comfort-food type of breakfast that can be prepared using just one pot!

A Simple Mexican Breakfast Dish: Chilaquiles

Another recipe that uses up leftover corn tortillas (traditionally soft tortillas, but you can also use leftover tortilla chips), chilaquiles use stale tortillas and even unused salsa for a hearty, delicious base that supports any creative assortment of toppings. We’re big fans of not letting anything go to waste and even bigger fans of spicy breakfasts, which is why this recipe is another of our favorites.

Huevos Rancheros

No Mexican breakfast list would be complete without huevos rancheros and a proper huevos rancheros isn’t complete without lightly fried corn tortillas! While you can use tortilla chips as some other recipes allow, it’s just not the same as the traditional, lightly-fried corn tortillas used by this recipe.

Churros: The Sweeter Side Of Mexican Breakfasts

We’ll be honest – churros don’t originate from Mexico but they’re so good we had to include them! And we figured it was worth bending the rules a bit since they are eaten in some countries for breakfast and some of our readers need to satisfy a sweet tooth. Don’t settle for boring, old donuts or pancakes when you feel like splurging on a sugary breakfast – try this easy churro recipe and thank us later!

We hope you try out the recipes we’ve shared above next time you feel like starting your day off with a Mexican-style breakfast. If you’re not into breakfast (or if you slept in too late!) you can still get your authentic Mexican food at Benito’s!