Real Authentic Mexican Food in Fort Worth, Texas

Fun Guacamole Recipes to Try at Home

Fun Guacamole Recipes You Can Make at Home

Benito’s Restaurant in Fort Worth’s Near Southside neighborhood offers bowls of pure guacamole delight. If you want to try making your own version of this Mexican restaurant staple at home, here are a few interesting recipes to get you started. Alton Brown’s Tried and True Guacamole TV chef Alton Brown is known for exploring the science behind cooking. His recipes …


Why We Love the Near Southside Neighborhood in Fort Worth

Here in the Near Southside Neighborhood of Fort Worth, you can find everything you need for a fun day out on the town. It’s a tight-knit, eclectic neighborhood that just keeps growing, and we’re happy to be a part of it here at Benito’s! Going shopping? You will find plenty of stores with quaint stock. Need a bite? The restaurants …